Carbonite Endpoint Advanced Edition


Carbonite Endpoint Advanced Edition


Main Features
  • Subscription license (1 year)
  • 1 seat
  • unlimited GB
  • volume
  • 250-499 licenses
  • annual pre-pay
  • per device
  • fair use


Businesses can’t afford compromises when it comes to the security of data stored on company devices. If a laptop is lost or stolen and the data becomes accessible to the wrong people, the consequences could be devastating. That’s why it’s critical that businesses use encryption to protect data while it’s at rest on a laptop or mobile device.

Use a Carbonite-hosted Endpoint vault and pay a per-seat fee for the software subscription and storage.

Note: Includes unlimited GB of storage per seat (subject to our fair use policy; not suitable for a Windows file server or atypical storage use).Carbonite Endpoint Encryption-FS


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