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Penetration Testing

What does the Ejis penetration testing actually test?

Ejis performs both black box (no knowledge) and white box (with knowledge and/or privileges) penetration testing.

Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

These assessments focus on the security of Web-based applications by attempting to exploit faulty application logic. Fixes and approaches are recommended that will increase the security of the application, host server, and network.

External Network Vulnerability Assessment

These assessments focus on the security of the net-work perimeter. They check the effectiveness of firewalls, routers, intrusion detection systems, operating systems, and services available to the Inter-net or untrusted networks.

Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment

These assessments apply to the security of your internal networks and systems. They mirror actual at-tack scenarios launched from an internal source or gauge the extent to which an external attacker could roam through internal networks. This test can also check the security of your wireless LAN infra-structure.


What is penetration testing?

Series of authorized cyber tests/attacks to identify potential security issues within an IT environment.

Why is it important?​

Penetration testing is a controlled attack simulation that helps identify susceptibility to application, network, and operating system breaches. By locating vulnerabilities before the adversaries do, you can implement defensive strategies to protect your critical systems and information. [1]

Who needs it?

Companies of all sizes.